Sonic Bloom For The World

Sharing his fathers passion for botany, Dan Jr. continues to develop new and Sustainable Sonic Bloom products.

Miranda Griffen 
Research & Development Coordinator

Miranda working with the
Army Corps of Engineers

Sonic Bloom Helping to Create a More Sustainable World thru Horticulture

Sonic Bloom is a proprietary audio, organic nutrient plant growing process that was first developed by Dr. Dan Carlson Sr. in the early 80's to assist the Conventional & Organic Farmer, particularly with low water availability and poor soil conditions. Sonic Bloom Plant Food & Audio Boxes were then redeveloped by his Son, Dan Carlson Jr., after the turn of the century to make Sonic Bloom more Sustainable, cost effective and more easily shipped worldwide. When properly applied, sonic stimulation affects plant metabolism at the cellular level and increases the size and number of stomata on each leaf, resulting in a greatly increased absorption rate of moisture and nutrients - an effect that is quickly reflected in root growth, seed-germination, plant growth, and yield.

The sound (which is essentially a synthesized version of birdsong), causes the stomata or breathing holes under the leaves to open wider, thus allowing in more carbon dioxide and nutrients. This method can be used on a small scale using musical CD's underlayed with Sonic Bloom's patented sound frequency. This is best suitable for patio, balcony or small greenhouse growers. Last year for the first time Sonic Bloom is available as a Starter Kit, a more suitable amount for skeptics to try and Beginners to learn. The Starter kit has also been and excellent option for house plant growers. Growing on larger scale with Sonic Bloom is achieved using Sound Units that emit strait frequency. This year Dan Jr. was thrilled to redevelop the larger coverage Audio Boxes, the SB2, SB25 & SB3, and equip them all with Solar Power for the first time ever.  For complete growing versatility battery and wall attachments are all still included. SB Audio Boxes all have been modified with volume control that allows a lower setting for backyard gardeners with neighbors and all Solar Panels can run on most indoor lighting. Tractors can easily mount the SB2 dual speaker to the front and back for up to 50 acres coverage as the farmer sprays Sonic Bloom nutrient. Dan Jr.'s most favored Audio Box, the SB25, was inspired by the first large circuitry board used by his father in the 80's. For years farmers have been asking him for this 25 acre box. Dan Jr. included a bonus with double low volume setting so the SB25 can be used to deliver the best Indoor Sonic Bloom Sound ever, a must have for your Greenhouse Supplies.  Also Commercial growers can now use the largest of the sound systems , the SB3 for up to 100 Acres, previously only reaching 60 Acres. The ultimate in Sonic Bloom Sound this 9 speaker box delivers a 360 degree treat to your crops.

Sonic Bloom's Organic Agriculture has been used all over the world for over 30 years and remains dedicated to helping people better feed themselves and commercial growers feed us healthier. In every possible method of growing from Hydroponics to traditional soil growing Sonic Bloom has always yielded amazing results. Now more that ever people want to grow their own food and eat organic. Sonic Bloom takes their hard pressed efforts and rewards them with increased bounty and nutrition by creating the healthiest environment possible for growing using sound and Plant Food.

Sonic Bloom Research & Development

Sonic Bloom's core mission has always been to help eliminate hunger thru Advanced Horticulture. We are continuing this mission with ongoing research on drought resistance & urban community garden projects, solar power and increasing sustainability. From supplying a 5th grader with Sonic Bloom for their Science Fair or lending our Sonic Bloom Frequency to medical research we are always looking for ways to help the world by helping people grow more nutrient rich and bountiful harvest. If you have any idea's for Sonic Bloom to continue to help the world WE want to hear them! No project is too small or too big. Major Universities or small community gardens. Everyone is welcome to help us come together to Grow Healthier! After all Sonic Bloom has always been For The World.
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